Glass Hermit Crabs

Glass Hermit Crabs
We make these crabs out of the finest clear and colored pyrex glass you can find in the world. We don't use any pre-formed molds, we free-hand them in the flame at 2300 degrees farenheit. Each one of our crabs has 20 different sections of glass that have been individually sculpted. They all have their own personalities.

Believe it or not our crabs are aquarium safe! They will not eat your fish or tear up your plants! When we adhere the Glass Art Crabs in their natural shell we even use a high temperature glue so that there will be no chemicals released in the water.

These crabs won't come out of their shell, stink or die. People are also enjoying putting them in their plants, window sills, kitchens, bathrooms, and even with other hermit crabs.

You can find us in Charleston, South Carolina
at the historical open air market Bldg.B space 13, Monday through Friday!
We are usually fully set up between 10am to 4:30pm EST year round
You can reach us at 1.864.981.2373!

Thanks and Have a blessed day! Jason and Family